1955: A new car is born...THUNDERBIRD. This car, and the Thunderbirds that followed, are classics and set the styling trend for an entire generation of cars.

1966 Thunderbird Body Style Identification

Hardtop, Town Hardtop, Town Landau, Convertible

Hardtop - VIN series 83

Body Style Code 63A

The Hardtop is an all-steel, 2-door pillarless body style. It has rear seat windows which lower fully. It did not offer the Overhead Convenience Panel; the standard emergency flasher was mounted in the center of the dash and could be replaced with the optional Safety Convenience Control Panel (low fuel warning light, vacuum power door lock switch with reminder light, and the standard emergency flasher light).  It had the customary vinyl-coated fabric headliner. The Hardtop at right is shown in color L, Honeydew Yellow. and has optional Deluxe Wheel Covers.

Town Hardtop

VIN series 81, Body Style Code 63C

The Town Hardtop is an all-steel, 2-door body style without rear seat windows. It has the standard Overhead Convenience Panel with emergency flasher,door reminder light, and low fuel level light. The vacuum power door lock switch is on the console. It has a molded semi-rigid headliner.This body style name was used only in 1966. The Town Hardtop at right is shown in color T, Candyapple Red and has optional Deluxe Wheel Covers. The Town Hardtop came from the factory with a steel roof; a dealer-installed vinyl roof option was available but rarely used.



Town Landau

VIN series 87, Body Style Code 63D

The Town Landau has three items: #1 simulated woodgrain paneling interior door and console panels #2 vinyl covered roof #3 landau "S"bars. The Town Landau also came with a woodgrain-effect steering wheel if not equipped with Highway Pilot Speed Control. The Overhead Convenience Panel, headliner style, vacuum power door lock switch, are the same as the Town Hardtop. The "Town Landau" body style name was also used in years 1977-1982. The car here is  in color X, Vintage Burgundy and has Deluxe Wheel Covers. The vinyl-covered roof was available in black, white, Parchment, or Sage Gold.


VIN series 85, Body Style Code 76A

The Convertible is shown here in color E, Silver Mink. It has the optional Safety Convenience Control Panel which can be seen in the center of the instrument panel (the 5 circles just above the driver seat). The top control is mounted on the console in place of the Silent-Flo rear vent control which the Hardtop, Town Hardtop, and Town Landau have. The Convertible has the rear passenger seat windows which lower fully. This Thunderbird Convertible has the standard wheel covers.

1966 Thunderbird Hardtop Honeydew Yellow

1966 Thunderbird Hardtop, Body Style Code 63A   Production: 13,389

1966 Thunderbird Town Hardtop Candyapple Red

1966 Thunderbird Town Hardtop, Body Style Code 63C   Production 15,633

1966 Thunderbird Town Landau Vintage Burgundy

1966 Thunderbird Town Landau, Body Style Code 63D   Production 35,105

1966 Thunderbird Convertible Silver Mink

1966 Thunderbird Convertible, Body Style Code 76A   Production 5,049

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