Thunderbird Registry

No letter I or O allowed.
Body Style, Color, Trim, Date, DSO, Axle, Trans for example. You can also send a picture.
VIN starts with 8Y, 8J, 9Y, 9J, 0Y, 0J, 1Y, or 1J

If you want the car listed in the "FOR SALE" roster, the Registry will forward communications to you. Your address and email is not published on the web site. "Best offer" or no-price statements won't get replies.

You won't be contacted and this is kept private. No addresses on the web site, at any time.
Email addresses are never published on the website. I only contact you to give the link to your car or to answer your questions. If you don't get an auto-reply look in the junk folder. Many out-of-US servers sort auto-reply emails as junk.
2.5mb max size for images