1955: A new car is born...THUNDERBIRD. This car, and the Thunderbirds that followed, are classics and set the styling trend for an entire generation of cars.

Your new Registry has arrived.

2002-2005 Thunderbirds have a special page that shows how many by each year and each color are currently registered, with an adjoining table that shows how many were actually produced by color/top color/interior trim. The "UN" code is used when the actual color is unknown.
And for 2002 Neiman Marcus cars, the "NM" placeholder is used to identify those cars, which have Evening Black (UA) lower body color.

There are 3 "VIN Sorter" tables that sort cars based on the last six numbers in the VIN, and you have the other options as well.

Note that as always, 1955-1957 cars assembled in Mexico appear at the end/beginning of the list depending on how you sort.

Fewer pages, less complex structure. Take 5 minutes to read this.

Major Changes: please read

⦁ The "Entire Registry" page takes the place of 22 old pages; search panels are on that one page. There is also an Advanced Search page if you want more detail.

⦁ Searched results can be filtered and the search panel can float anywhere on the page. Most of the search panels will suggest what is already in the Registry, like a Google search.

⦁ Data columns can be re-sized. 

⦁ Individual car "data sheets" have a new look and new urls. Print or save as PDF; images can be saved separately. Data fields can be re-ordered, or deleted from the page.  Older data sheets no longer are here. See the help guide for how to make data sheet link.

⦁ Pages are printer-friendly. To print "extra images" like gate release etc., save to your local drive.

⦁ Recently added/updated cars are now searchable via "Entire Registry". Filter by date range.

⦁ Count of cars in Registry is paneled with table of low-high VINs in Registry/actual production by assembly plant.

⦁ 2002-2005 data  can be viewed by body color, paneled with table of actual production of each year, by body color/top color/interior trim code. See the Advance Search page here!

⦁ "Top 50 Spotters" has been modified to include all spotters regardless of how many Thunderbirds have been submitted.


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