! Significant Registry Changes !

Some changes were made to the way Thunderbirds are categorized and described. These changes streamline the search process and correct some body-style misnomers that have gone unchecked for 15 years.

The Registry’s old way was to try to distinguish among trim levels (Diamond Jubilee, Special Landau, Sun Roof 1960, etc.) with their own body style name because these types can not be identified from their VIN or body style code.

Consolidation is the key: With the implementation of the new website database. filters take the place of many cumbersome and confusing search pages. For instance it is now possible to have the filter panel show you what types of “Coupes” are in the Registry as opposed to having a separate name for every trim level.

The “Coupe vs. Hardtop” situation has been rectified. The Registry had identified 1977-1979 models as “Hardtop” when in fact that is incorrect. A hardtop is a body style without a center post, and usually has rear quarter windows that lower or slide. In keeping with this fact, all 1977-1979 Thunderbirds are now identified as “2-door Coupe”.  That name has redundancy in it and future plans call for the elimination of “2-door”.

Here is the list of body style consolidations: 

  • 1960 Sun Roof Hardtops are now “2-door Hardtop” filter: Sun Roof 1960
  • 1963 and 1965 Special Landaus are now “2-door Landau”   filter “Special Landau”. 
  • 1977-1982 Town Landaus are “2-door Coupe” (“Town Landau 1977+”)
  • Diamond Jubilee, Heritage, Silver Anniversary, elan, and FILA are now “2-door Coupe” with their trim level as the filter. 

You can still retrieve just these individual trim levels on the opening page, in the Search Panel, or on the Advanced Search page.

Note that the 1966 Town Landau is a separate and distinct VIN series and body style code model. 1987-1989 models while using the same body style code do have distinct VIN series codes.  All Turbo Coupes can be identified by the engine code in the VIN.

In a couple of cases, it was decided to keep the trim levels “as is” in the Registry, namely the 1967 Apollo and the 1976 Commemorative Editions. This is because in both cases, all examples of these types have been identified and are in the Registry, and they have extremely low production (5 and 32).

2002-2005 limited edition cars (Neiman Marcus, 007, Pacific Coast Roadster, and Special Edition) have distinctive VIN series codes, and all examples of these four types are in the Registry.

The new trim levels allow for additional types to be identified:  30th, 35th, 40th Anniversary, Luxury Groups, and other limited-run or trim upgrades. At present none of these types are identified.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the Registry and I hope this new naming structure proves helpful.



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