Registry Update for August 12, 2017

Due to some server issues out of our control, some of the posts to this news blog were lost. The posts concern recent updates to the Registry after August 3, 2017. No Registry data was lost or compromised.

The list of Registry updates to the database itself can be found  at

As of 0900 EDT the Registry count is 66,165 Thunderbirds.  69 Thunderbirds were added, and 24 were updated since August 3.

Of particular interest is RN 4045 which is P5FH100020. This 1955 Thunderbird belonged to Jimmy P.  Blackburn, who documented 114 very early 1955 cars for the Registry back in 2002. Jimmy passed last month and the Thunderbird now belongs to his sons. The Registry is grateful for Jimmy’s generosity and assistance. His name will always be in the “Spotters” list.

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