Registry Update October 16, 2017

Registry Update for October 16, 2017

47 cars updated

195 cars added

70,595 Thunderbirds in the Registry

As of today, all black 2002 Thunderbirds registered in New York State are part of the Registry. That is 254 cars, of which 6 are Neiman Marcus Editions.

Registry Update October 13, 2017

Registry Update for October 13, 2017

Latest cars to be added from NYS DMV database: 2002 Thunderbirds, Evening Black, with VIN check digits of 0,1,2, or 3. This was a group of about 80 cars, of which 58 were new to the Registry. There are at least a couple of thousand more 2002-2005 NYS Thunderbirds to be added.

24 cars updated

68 cars added

70,429 Thunderbirds in the Registry

Registry Update October 11, 2017

Registry Update for October 11, 2017

6 cars updated

26 cars added

70,361 Thunderbirds in the Registry

Note —- Thunderbirds are starting to show up in salvage yards… Thunderbirds which have been in flood conditions in Texas and Florida.