Registry Update December 21, 2017 – News Alert!

Registry Update for December 21, 2017

7 cars updated

42 cars added

73,671 Thunderbirds in the Registry

Three 1966 Thunderbird Hardtops, all 97 (Export) DSO were added, they are not in the same country and they had no prior association.  Of these cars, one (RN 73669) is part of the 3-car fleet ordered by the Swedish band ‘Hepstars’ featured on the current home page of the Registry web site. Another car, RN 73670 was the kicker for a new Special Code to be introduced in the Registry: FTE, or “Family Tied Europe” which is shown as “Same Family Since New – Europe” and is in Finland. The third car, RN 63671  resides in Switzerland.

Registry Update December 10, 2017

Registry Update for December 10, 2017

14 cars updated

192 cars added

Most of the cars added today were 1955-1962, and 1977-1980 Thunderbirds taken from

73,545 Thunderbirds in the Registry.

Registry Update December 9, 2017

Registry Update for December 9, 2017

6 cars updated

132 cars added

About 100 Thunderbirds (1964-1976) have been added from These cars do not have pictures but they have been validated to have been for sale over the last 1-4 years on various sites.

73,353 Thunderbirds in the Registry