Registry Update June 19, 2018

Registry Update for June 19, 2018

After some considerable time spent, the Registry identified over 200 Thunderbirds which were actually duplicates of other cars already there. This happened because of typographical errors for the most part.  A new data field for “last six” was created which hopefully will prevent this from happening in the future.

To correct those 200+ bad entries, the Registry used information on 2002 Thunderbirds which were collected when the cars were new at the dealer.  The incorrect entries were corrected, using the original Registry Number.

6 cars updated

41 cars added

75,406 Thunderbirds in the Registry

Registry Update June 12, 2018

Registry Update for June 12, 2018

Work continues to rid the database of duplicate VINs. About 100 have been fixed and there are about 50 more in the queue.  A new table of  unverified VIN cars is planned for the near future; hopefully site visitors will be able to use this table to identify the cars.

Registry Number 75363 is a 1964 Thunderbird Convertible owned by Al Jesse in Oregon. He is the original owner (picture pending).

11 cars updated

8 cars added

75,363 Thunderbirds in the Registry

Registry News and Update – June 9, 2018

About 100  Thunderbird VINs in the Registry were found to be “duplicates” …. resulting in about 50 Registry Numbers to be re-assigned to 2002 Thunderbirds which were documented back in 2002 but never registered.

The duplication errors happened because of incorrect reporting of the VIN… for instance the correct VIN of M6FH220446 was in the Registry, and then the incorrect P6FH220446 also registered. This happened because there was no check field of just the “last six”…the data validation considered the entire VIN as being in the Registry, or not.

Going forward, a check field for the last six numbers of VINs has been added to the database.  It is a tedious process to correct the duplicates, as of today about 20 of the affected cars have been processed.

The good news is that because the check field of the last six was added, the VIN sorter page has now been condensed into one unit, no more flipping between pages for 10/11/17 character VINs.  The VIN sorter page has a lot more options and filters.

Until all of the duplicate errors can be fixed, you may run across duplicate entries for the same car in the VIN sorter page. If you do, please consider notifying the Registry. While I do have a list, it is probable that I may have missed some, and any help is greatly appreciated.

The Registry was updated today – 4 cars updated, 20 cars added for a total of 75,355 Thunderbirds in the Registry.