Thunderbird Assessment Service The Registry may be engaged to personally inspect and assess any Thunderbird that is for sale. This is not an appraisal service. I will assess the condition of components, body and paint, trunk, interior, tires, operation of accessories, and if permitted, take it for a short test drive. I will verify the VIN in as many locations as are on the car. I will send pictures to you. I do not make an estimate of value, I will only report to you what I see, in detail. There are 11 groups of Thunderbird types; the specific content for each group has similarities and differences. The charge for this service is a $150 deposit which is refundable up to 48 hours before the scheduled visit. Additionally there is a charge of 50 cents per mile based on a round-trip from my location. The Registry is based at 2484 West Genesee Tpk., Camillus, NY 13031. This location is in central New York State near Syracuse. Additional charges will be incurred for New York City, Suffolk/Nassau/Westchester Counties, and the Boston, Massachusetts area. Not all locations are within a day’s drive. If you would like more information please contact the Registry.