Register a Thunderbird

Sit anywhere you wish, move around

freely as there are no seat belts to keep

comfortably fastened about you, and you

can have as much as you want of

whatever you want, whenever you want

it...welcome to Horizons Unlimited.

Whether you have been chasing after

Thunderbirds for fifty years or just started

saying "Wow!" when one passes by,

whether you are on your first

Thunderbird, or your

matter if your heart's desire is a Turbo

Coupe or a Special Landau: take the next

step towards Horizons Unlimited. Travel

any time you wish; there are no

minimum-stay requirements; you can sit

anywhere;  you can even come into the

cockpit and talk to the captain...tell him

where you want to go next.

1955: A new car is born...THUNDERBIRD. This car, and the Thunderbirds that followed, are classics and set the styling trend for an entire generation of cars.
Upcoming Ford Shows Syracuse All-Ford Show at Longbranch Park in Liverpool, NY     Sunday June 11, 2017 32nd Annual Thunderbird Show in Depew, NY presented by Buffalo Thunderbird Club   Sunday August 6, 2017 2018 International Thunderbird Club Convention to be held at the Hyatt Place Amherst (Buffalo)  Tuesday  August 7 through Sunday August 12, 2018  For more information please see the ITC website. Contact Club Services to have your Ford show listed here.
Bird Nest - the Registry’s preferred supplier of 1958-1966 Thunderbird parts Marti Auto Works - 1962 and newer Thunderbird original factory invoices and Marti Reports for 1967 and newer Thunderbirds. Gary Leavitt’s used Thunderbird Parts Thunderbird Registry Facebook Group
64,647 Thunderbirds Registered as of 23 April 2017


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