1955: A new car is born...THUNDERBIRD. This car, and the Thunderbirds that followed, are classics and set the styling trend for an entire generation of cars.


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Thunderbird Registry The Ford Thunderbird is unmatched, unmistakable.

You have found the Thunderbird Registry...the world's largest free source of information about The World's Most Wanted Car.

The Registry has gone through several format changes since it first "opened for business" on August 28, 2002. But none of those changes are more more apparent or profound as the newly-released version. One single database page now does the work of 22 in the previous format. There are powerful, intuitive search engines that let the user create their own filters rather than being limited to inflexible structures.

While the complex and confusing "search menu" is gone, those search criteriae, and more, are still available. So to get the most out of the new Registry, take a minute or two to read the guide.

March 11: the list pages are automatically formatted to display on small browsers (phones). Read the instructions on the welcome page to learn how to access the search menu.

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Thunderbird Registry maintains two new on-line Registries - for the Continental Mark II and 1950-1980 Lincolns.

Continental Mark II

Lincoln Vault

Thunderbirds in the Registry:64,445
Thunderbirds updated since 6/3/11:5,071
Most Recent Update:3/16/2017 4:57:01 PM
Cars Added to Registry:15
Existing Records Updated:3

The Registry is proud to have the support of Bird Nest in Portland, Oregon. For over 40 years, the Bird Nest has been a reliable source of 1958-1966 Thunderbird parts... and cars.


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Marti Auto Works - 1962 and newer Thunderbird original factory invoices and VIN Reports

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