Links of interest to Thunderbird people…
Marti Auto Works This link will take you directly to the “Original Invoices” page at Marti Auto Works.  The original invoices are also known as the “Eminger Invoices”. If you are lucky enough to own a car for which they are available, you will want to follow through. Marti Auto is licensed by Ford to produce the Marti Report, Personalized Stats, Window Stickers, Vehicle Certification Labels, Data Tags, Engine Tags, and more.
Thunderbird Parts Bird Nest in West Linn (Portland), Oregon is a “Thunderbird Family”-owned supplier of new, used, rebuilt, and NOS parts.    Always check first with “” … and ask for Cody. Gary Leavitt has hundreds of used Thunderbird parts on eBay. Gary is highly recommended by Thunderbird Registry. The Glove Box shop has the best selection of original owners manuals, and more.
Thunderbirds in Europe Speed Monkey Cars’ daily job is searching US classic cars and importing them to Europe. Speed Monkey Cars is located in Ruurlo (Netherlands) and they ship all over Europe. Visit Speed Monkey….