Thunderbird Registry
When registering your Thunderbird you will be asked for the following information:
  1. Your name. You have the option to use a pseudonym on the web site page for your car.
  2. Your location. Your specific address is never shown the site.
  3. The VIN of your Thunderbird
  4. The "data plate" codes, which are on the metal or plastic firewall/door data plate or sticker
  5. Some comments about its history, your ownership, the car's place in your life, etc.
  6. Its status as to ownership and physical state
  7. Important → → Up to four pictures, each being no more than 3MB in size. Images that are too large will result in an error and your car's information will not be sent. ← ←

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Please take a moment to review this help about pictures......

Here is an uncropped picture that needs editing. See all of the blank space in the sky and road surface? Blue sky is lovely but it will be have to be cropped out otherwise the Thunderbird will look too small when on the web site.


Here is the same picture that has been cropped. It is now 1/5 the "size", or weight of the picture above. Cropping reduces the size significantly, more than is readily apparent. Cropping the image is not only a big help to me but it gives you a way to make sure it falls within the form registration guideline.

Use your image editor to crop your pictures. You can also reduce the resolution size using your image editor.

Tips on images:








Both of these pictures are the actual size which appears on the web site. See how different they make the cars look? Nobody wants to see dumpsters, pipes, signs, or other cars detracting from the Thunderbird's appearance.

I'll do my best to make your Thunderbird look as good as possible, but please take a moment to choose the image that lets web site visitors get the best view of your car.

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