Guidelines for pictures of your Thunderbird Modern cell phones and tablets take pictures that are far too large for what is needed to show on a website. The typical size most people send is 2500kb or 2.5 mb which is about 10 times bigger than what we actually use on the site. Check your device’s settings to take or edit pictures that are suitable for email. You can also reduce the “size”, i.e. the KB or MB count by cropping out unnecessary scenery and backgrounds. “Crop” means to cut off unwanted parts of the picture, like the one at right we have removed some of the sky and street. “Reduce size” means the pixel count, width and height, like 3000x1000. So even a cropped picture can also be reduced in size down to 1000x333. Get rid of open sky, mountains, streets, buildings by cropping down the picture. While the Registry will keep a permanent folder with any pictures you send, the max size need for the off-line folder is like 1000px wide. The typical size for the website page picture is 250px. Best practice is to send something in the 1000px range, and it will be re-sized by the Registry.
Profile shots and pictures with busy backgrounds do not show off your Thunderbird well in the limited space we have on the Registry’s web pages. It’s much better to use a picture with the car at an angle, a “ 3 / 4 view” like the red convertible.
If you are unable to resize your pictures down so they can be attached to the registration form, you will be able to send them as a text message, and the number will be included in your confirmation message. To avoid any confusion about a VIN being correct, and to get the complete information (color code, date code, etc.) please send a picture of the metal data plate or white VIN information sticker.
The Registry accepts donations which are used to purchase website hosting, hardware, and software. Any amount is graciously appeciated.